Sri Lanka’s seductive mix of beautiful landscapes, tropical beaches, rich culture and friendly, laid-back people have lured many romantics over the years. It is no surprise that the island is an increasingly popular wedding and honeymoon destination. It is an idyllic location setting for those in love and starting a new life together.

The perfect location for your wedding is a tough choice in Sri Lanka as there are numerous possibilities: A wedding on the coast with swaying palms and the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean; in the hill country amidst luminous green tea plantations, misty mountains and gushing waterfalls; or by an ancient reservoir in the north central province surrounded by untouched wilderness and sounds of birdcall.

Once the setting is decided upon, then comes the selection of venue: options range from beachside villas, refurbished colonial bungalows, and boutique hotels to eco retreats – all offering a unique service to make your wedding a memorable one.

A simple ceremony of colorful rituals and vows, rows of burning oil lamps, threads of fragrant white jasmine flowers draped over a garden wedding arch. Simple and Stylish… and more!

Alternatively, a Traditional Sri Lankan wedding will overwhelm you with exotic Kandian dancers, drummers and a rite of ancient Buddhist rituals, and kind blessings.

Begin your new life lighting the lamp together and relax as we take you to a private beach, for auspicious good luck, you can invite a caparisoned elephant for a sunset beach ride and enjoy chilled champagne served on the sands as the Indian Ocean sips away the setting sun on ‘your day’.




This traditional ceremony lasts 45 minutes and involves the couple arriving at an auspicious time (decided by a local astrologer) on to
the Poruwa podium. Once on the Poruwa, the couple is blessed by the Monk. They then swap 7 betel leaves, the couple’s index fingers are then tied together to signify unity and water is poured over their fingers.

Following further blessings from the monk, the couple finally lights the traditional oil lamp and feed each other Kiribath (Coconut Milk Rice). As the couple steps down from the Poruwa a fresh coconut is broken in two.








A wedding in Sri Lanka is like no other. Horoscopes, auspicious times and rituals are blended with colourful dancers and drummers, followed by a feast to be shared by family and friends in celebration of the coming together of two lives.

The island’s vibrant mix of ethnic communities means that Sri Lanka is home to various religious groups – Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians – all of whom follow different rituals, yet share an underlying tradition.



Wedding ceremonies are conducted Monday to Saturday excluding bank holidays. There is a requirement of a minimum period of residency of five days in Sri Lanka prior to the wedding ceremony. The minimum age requirement for marriage is 18 years. If under 21 years, parental consent is required. All the ceremonies are performed in accordance with British law and are legally recognized as binding. If you aren’t British we recommend you seek advice regarding the requirements of your marriage abroad.