About Kiptra

Three years in the making and still evolving by the day we are pleased to invite you to the World of Kiptra.

It’s not the travel we focus on it’s the Traveler!! 

Kiptra is a Disruptive Innovation for travel to Sri Lanka which is truly pure and unbiased.

Simply put you read it…… it interests you ………and you experience it at your own discretion.

We take pride in our motherland Sri Lanka & want to inspire you with the discovery of some Amazing Experiences around our unique land!!!

Sri Lanka is still natural and untouched by over-modernization and unnecessary hypes.

You can enjoy the colorful places, people, and moments that this little island has to offer!

While you explore listings at Kiptra & decide on visiting places off the beaten track, be rest assured that our excursions are designed with a focus to lift & promote local interaction and cultural exchange.

End of it all we are still humans working behind the scenes & there can be mistakes made.

Help us with critical encouragement but kindness too :)) so we know we are on the right track to help you experience the best this country has to offer!

Get Started and Kiptra your Way Through!!