Being in the art world for over 30 years, Rahju is a renowned painter of Sri Lankan-Norwegian descent. Having initially lived in Kandy and moved to Norway, Rahju returned to Sri Lanka in 1982.

His work, heavily inspired by mysticism and eastern culture has been displayed around the island. He now lives in a cottage in Kandy with his daughter where he paints and makes music surrounded by the breathtaking hills.




Why you need to meet him

  • Spend an evening with Rahju at his serene hilltop cottage overlooking the Hunas range with unparalleled access to his studio.
  • You will get a chance to discuss the themes that inspire his art such as mysticism, religion, and the cosmos, and even chat about how his work has evolved over the years.
  • You will also be able to have an exclusive private viewing of his art.
  • You will also meet his artist daughter Rudrani who will take you on a tour of their house, sharing details of their abode as well as showing you her original work as well.
  • Most of your time here will be spent in Rahju’s studio where he will discuss each of his paintings in detail.


This unique experience with an equally unique individual allows you to get an intimate glimpse into his work and lifestyle. After being welcomed with a glass of fresh juice, relax and unwind on his verandah where you get to know both Rahju and his daughter.

His daughter Rudrani being home-schooled and taught art by her father has found her own form of art and expression. Their work is free to view at their home as well as the studio. The visit ends back at the verandah where a cup of tea awaits along with a scintillating conversation.



Artist Rudrani Devi Das


Rudrani Devi Das is a talented artist, model, and blogger of Sri Lankan/Norwegian descent, based in the picturesque countryside of Kandy with her father and teacher Rahju; one of the most celebrated artists of Sri Lanka.

Rudrani’s attraction to the realm of fantasy is beautifully mirrored in her work. She has her own style, beauty, and assertiveness that reflects the strong feminine characters in her paintings.



Rudrani’s work centers around fantasy and imagination, though her other interests include portraits, landscapes and equine depictions. She paints with acrylic on canvas and seeks to work with the flow of each painting, allowing the process to carve her imagery as much as her concepts.

Rudrani’s motto for painting is, “allow the painting to paint itself, decide how it wants to look and tell you where it wants to go, and then follow obediently.” Her first series of work—following the completion of her art education—was an exploration into femininity, fantasy, and nature, and culminated in the ‘World of Fae’ collection, which was showcased at her debut solo exhibition in 2013 in the country’s capital, Colombo.