Curious about how locals spend their day to day life in the largest city of Sri Lanka? Experience a day like a local in Colombo! You’ll have one of our amazing local hosts show you the city and give you all the insights about the busy lifestyle and cultural customs.



Getting Around.

The easiest and fastest way to get around anywhere in the city is by tuk tuk. The tuk tuks in Sri Lanka are commonly called “three wheelers.” In every neighborhood, at almost every other corner, you will find a group of tuk tuk drivers that hang around there.

Once you get to know them, they will know your routines and you won’t have to explain the route every single time. This will save you a lot of time and once you get to know them, traveling will feel safer too!



If You Aren’t a Great a Driver, Don’t Try Driving

Colombo traffic is some of the craziest in the world. The biggest rule is to not follow any rules! Nobody breaks smoothly, creating a “back and forth” effect every few meters that are difficult to not copy because everyone is doing it.

The big public buses come hammering at all speeds while honking their horns from all directions and it takes years to get used to it. It’s better to keep your nerves calm and take three-wheelers and taxis around the city. You will enjoy it more that way.



Take the Bus If You Are in For an Adventure

If you want to have an adventure in the city, why not take the bus? There are buses that can take you anywhere, but you have to ask around about where to catch them since there are no bus stop signs. Non-air-conditioned buses will have the windows open and the more expensive AC buses will have the windows and door closed until a passenger gets on or off.

If you will be traveling by bus, try to not wear flip flops and get ready for some running to get on it and lots of jerking around once you are in!