Traveling around a number of local farms in tuk tuk’s and tractors in the mornings will help you learn firsthand about the life and work of the villagers, who cultivate a variety of crops including sweet potato, manioc, and finger millet. 

Meet the farmers and their families and have a go yourself at some of the agricultural techniques they use. 

Finally, enjoy a home-cooked lunch that comes entirely from the land.  As this is off the beaten tourist trail you will be of as much interest to the local people as they are to you – you can be sure of a warm welcome and an authentic taste of rural life.




After a few hours of relaxing at your hotel, you can head to the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress, proudly proclaimed by the locals as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. The site is not only scenically stunning but is a great testament to the extraordinary engineering prowess of Sri Lanka’s inhabitants around 1500 years ago.

Although the remains of the fortress are limited, the scale of their engineering achievement is still highly apparent and the views from the top are magnificent. Sigiriya Rock is home to some ancient frescoes – the ‘Sigirya Maidens’ – and the graffiti on the ‘Mirror Wall’ offers a wonderful insight into the history here. 


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