Sanasuma House, owned by an Ayurveda expert and life coach in Sri Lanka, offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those seeking a peaceful place to work. This cozy homestay combines the principles of Ayurveda lifestyle with the comfort of modern amenities, all while surrounded by the affectionate presence of cats and dogs.

At Sanasuma House, guests can enjoy a reliable fiber optic internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted online work even during power outages. The homestay features three guest rooms, each equipped with a desk and a spacious, comfortable bed. The shared bathroom and kitchen are fully equipped, allowing guests to prepare their own meals. A washing machine is also available for use, and a housekeeper comes three times a week to clean the premises and prepare local delicacies upon request.

The owner of Sanasuma House follows a lifestyle inspired by Ayurveda and yoga. Healthy eating is emphasized, and daily yoga and meditation sessions are part of the routine. Guests are welcome to join in these practices to promote well-being and balance.

Life at Sanasuma House is serene, surrounded by nature’s beauty. The melodious sounds of birds fill the air throughout the day, while mischievous monkeys occasionally make their presence known. The three affectionate resident dogs, Merry, Cara, and Gina, diligently guard the property and keep the monkeys at bay. The eleven friendly cats provide a soothing and comforting presence, always ready for a gentle stroke. Animal lovers will find true paradise in this serene environment. The expansive tropical garden invites guests to unwind and recharge their energy in harmony with nature.

Sanasuma House is conveniently located near Weligama beach and town, where guests can find all necessary amenities. For a wider range of options, the larger cities of Matara and Galle are just a short distance away.

The area surrounding Sanasuma House boasts a variety of exceptional restaurants, offering delectable cuisine throughout the year. Weligama is renowned for its fresh seafood, which can be savored right on the beach, prepared with utmost freshness and flavor.

Come and experience the unique blend of Ayurveda lifestyle, cozy homestay ambiance, and the delightful company of cats and dogs at Sanasuma House. Work, relax, and recharge in this inspiring environment. The owner looks forward to welcoming you and sharing unforgettable moments together, making your stay an extraordinary and cherished experience.

Contact – +94 71 726 3571

Email – [email protected]

Address – Pittiduwa Road 220/15, Weligama, Sri Lanka

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