Safari Experience in Sri Lanka | Yala National Park

by Flying The Nest

Who knew that you could go on Safari in Sri Lanka? We have left Ella (our favourite spot in the country) to make our way down towards Yala National Park.

Here we saw some of the local Sri Lankan wildlife including Asian elephants and more!


by Kristyna & Romain

We hiked Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka also known as Sri Pada. It was our last big adventure in Sri Lanka. We actually made it as a first visitors in Adam’s Peak. In this travel vlog we wanted to share our experience during our hiking Adam’s Peak.

We were lucky to do Adams Peak in off season. There were only few tourist but no locals so it was very fast to hiking it.

Sigiriya Rock & Incredible Elephant Safari⎮Cinematic Travel Vlog

by Jasmine Lipska

I am so excited to share with you my Sri Lanka travel series through this incredible country, that I am so grateful to have visited. There was so much beauty, so much to appreciate, and so many new things to experience in the culture here, and it all absolutely blew me away. I hope that you also feel inspired to visit Sri Lanka, to step out of your comfort zone, and see the beauty in everything.

Kulu Safari Experience – Sri Lanka

by Traveling Teachr

” If you ever have the chance to go to Sri Lanka on safari, we recommend going with Kulu Safaris. Any other team will not be as effective as Kulu. There’s a reason they are the choice for the BBC and National Geographic. You won’t be disappointed. “

We are seasoned safari-goers. We’ve experienced many places in Africa and India and now one park in Sri Lanka. We can say that our experiences with Kulu Safaris were outstanding. As you will be able to see in this video, our experiences were nothing short of amazing. We spent 4 days on safari with Kulu Safaris. The guides were skilled and smart in their approaches (distinctly better than others we observed in the park).

Awesome Elephant Encounter on Safari in Sri Lanka

by vagabrothers

Witness an awesome wild elephant encounter while on SAFARI in Sri Lanka.


by Travelling on a Shoestring

Wilpattu national park is know for seeing leopards.. but did we see any on our jeep safari? watch this video to find out and also to see the big game camp and what they have to offer we was very impressed with the layout of the safari camp, the amount of food and drinks they give you is unreal, and its just what you want when coming to another country especially if this is your first stop after Colombo