Ravana Garden

Velipatanvila Road, Nonagama, Ambalantota, Hambanthota, Sri Lanka

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♥ Hambantota is the closest city

♥ Famous for ocean view

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Ravana Garden is a nine-suite boutique hotel in Sri Lanka, which was created with the vision of becoming the world’s premier eco-friendly boutique hotel as well as the best sustainable hotel Sri Lanka has to offer. Providing the unmatched luxury and superior guest experience that you would expect from an exclusive luxury hotel in Sri Lanka without sacrificing the natural environment to provide it, Ravana Garden offers its guests a rich and diverse glimpse of ancient Sri Lankan culture and luxury with a modern twist.

Everything that we do here is carefully planned and executed to preserve and protect the natural environment and the planet as a whole. We provide fully organic and bio-dynamic dining options and offer energy-neutral private dining experiences and excursions, and retail only sustainably produced, eco-friendly souvenirs and gifts.The design of Ravana Garden is truly unique in terms of both its landscaping and architecture. Conceptualised and designed by renowned architect Sunela Jayawardene, whose passion for environmentally conscious design is well known, our charming gardens were perfected by well-known architect, sculptor and painter Laki Senanayake, who worked with the late Geoffrey Bawa. Our entire property oozes creativity, sensitivity and timeless beauty.

The construction of Ravana Garden was carefully planned and executed in order to minimise its impact on our surroundings, protecting and preserving the natural habitat of the unique native flora and fauna of the region in perpetuity.

Not a single tree was felled to enable construction of the hotel, and our initial plans for fifteen guest suites as opposed to the final nine were redesigned to ensure that all of our trees could be preserved. Our rooftop sky bar, lounge, restaurant, beach spa, outdoor bathtubs and beautiful guest suites are all constructed to maximise natural light and ventilation and to reduce energy consumption, whilst also providing guests with matchless views over the grounds and surrounding area.As the most highly anticipated addition to Sri Lanka’s elite eco-friendly luxury hotel portfolio, Ravana Garden offers a fresh approach to sustainable luxury for discerning travellers who join us to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of our exclusive nine-suite boutique hotel resort.

Our dual passions for preserving nature’s gifts and providing a premier luxury experience for our guests fuse together behind our sustainability ethos, which drives and informs everything that we do here.

Some of the individual facets of the full Ravana Garden experience include our personal butler service, river safaris, bird sanctuary picnics, and serene private breakfasts on the lake, either within a boat or on the rock island in the lake’s centre.

Ravana Garden Eco Hotel Sri Lanka. Sustainable memories designed to last a lifetime.

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♣ 24-hour front desk

♣ Swimming pool

♣ Garden

♣ Room service

♣ Outdoor pool

♣ Beach front

♣ Daily housekeeping

♣ Spa

♣ Airport transportation

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