Places to Visit in Negombo for a vacation

  1. Discover the wonder of fish industry in Negombo. This city is known for its centuries old fishing industry.

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  • Visit to Morawala Beach

Address: Pitipana St, Negombo 22100, Sri Lanka

Morawala Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Negombo. This place known as “Mora Wala” (Shark Pit) which early days lot of sharks came to this place for breading. It is characterized by its distinctive rock formations that mitigate the waves, Which makes it one of the beaches suitable for swimming, and is less crowded than other beaches in the city, so it is ideal for a walk with your families or friends, where you can take many amazing pictures, especially at sunset. (credit – )



  • Visit to central fish market

Location: Mankuliya Road, Lagoon Bridge, Negombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Reason to visit: The most distinctive market in Negombo, where visitors can buy fresh fish and experience the local culture.

Entrance fee: Free

Opening Hours: 04:00am-17:00pm

There are two large fish markets in Negombo, one is located on the seaside, and the other is near the central area of Negombo. Negombo Fish Market is not a scenic spot, and travelers who come here want to see the lifestyle of the locals. This is a place with a strong cultural landscape atmosphere.

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  • Visit to dry fish market

Location: Kamachchodaya, Negombo

Entrance fee: Free

The fish is cleaned on the beach and spread out on jute to dry in the sun. Once dried, it is transported across the country. Our hygiene standards our not met but it is a traditional way to ensure the fish can be kept over a longer period of time. (credit:

(Jockin Bernad is a fisherman from Negombo for 20 years, he knows everything about the dried fish process and the market and we can find him at the Negombo fish market. He speaks really good English and German)





  • Catamaran Ride

The Catamarans of Negombo are traditional boats built with materials such as wood, ropes and bamboo. They are used every day by the fishermen of Negombo to fish in the early morning. Depending on the season, you can see them fishing in the ocean or on the wide Negombo lagoon, looking for fishes and prawns. (credit :



  • Deep sea fishing ride

Negombo is the best place for fishing tours in Sri Lanka and naturally blessed with great fishing spots around the Negombo coast. fishing in Negombo is one of exciting experience in Negombo and there is high possibility of fishing Yellow fin tuna in Negombo fishing tour. mostly Negombo fishing tours take place 4 – 8 NM away from the shore. Negombo fishers have an inborn talent in fishing and making delicious seafood cuisines. Negombo fishing possibility over 70% in fishing tour in Negombo but specially month of December – March is the peak season Fishing in Negombo and fishing possibility over 90% during that period. Negombo is the biggest fishing city in Sri Lanka and around 70% of domestic consumption fish and seafoods supply in Negombo. over 90% export fishery industry handle by Negombo fishers.

Deep sea trolling fishing is the best way to do the fishing in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka naturally blessed with warm water around the island. Sri Lanka is the one of best fishing spot in the world. You can do fishing throughout the year and fishing spots may vary because of the monsoon effects. (credit:




  • Sanken Ship wreck

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