Narangala is a popular hill in Sri Lanka’s Uva province, known for its historical significance. It stands at a height of 1527 meters and is covered in low-lying plants and grass. To reach Narangala by public transport, visitors can take the Kinakele bus from Badulla Central Bus Stop and get off at the final stop. Camping gear can be pre-booked and food and other camping supplies can be picked up at the base of the mountain. It is important to bring enough drinking water as the water at the top of Narangala is not drinkable.

From the top of Narangala, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding areas, including Namunukula, Madolsima, Idalgashinna, and Uma. The road leading up to Narangala is lined with bushes and stones, with slightly taller plants scattered throughout. While crossing, there is a slightly slippery spot on the right side of the road. It is advisable to visit Narangala on weekdays to avoid crowds of hikers and campers.

There are only five designated camping spots in Narangala Madunatha. At the beginning of the trek, visitors may encounter a few dogs from the nearby village who may accompany them to the top. It is recommended to keep food and other belongings safe from the dogs.

Traveling to Narangala via public transport can be challenging, as there may be unexpected delays or cancellations. Visitors may need to take multiple buses or other forms of transportation to reach the mountain. It is recommended to travel directly from Colombo to Badulla in buses to save time and money.

If visitors are unable to carry their garbage back with them, they should collect it in a bag and hang it for a villager or someone passing by to dispose of properly.