Meet the kings, queens and troops of Polonnaruwa – the home of the famous Disney Nature Monkey Kingdom 


Quite apart from the incredible ruins of this medieval city, Polonnaruwa is home to a large monkey population who were famously featured in Disney’s engaging documentary film ‘Monkey Kingdom’.

Polonnaruwa is a gloriously majestic backdrop for this experience, which allows you to closely observe the three diurnal primates of Sri Lanka: grey langur, purple-faced leaf monkey and toque macaque. Although these creatures can be seen in various parts of the island, this is one of the best places for travelers to get up close and personal with the monkeys of Sri Lanka.

This beloved monkey population is protected by the Smithsonian Primate Research Centre, which has been conducting research into conservation here for over 50 years. Your guided walk around the ruins will be led by one of their researchers, who will explain the social behavior of the different species and the various challenges of their conservation as you observe them. This experience begins at 6:30 am when Polonnaruwa is not busy with tourists and when the climate is still cool enough to walk around in comfortably. This is also when the monkeys are active in this area. Please bring your passport or a copy of your passport for this activity.

The Monkey Kingdom Expedition is perfect for those who want to get close to a monkey community and learn about their family relationships, friendships and habits.