If you are lucky enough to visit the beautiful island of Sri Lanka then you should take the opportunity to see the wondrous sights from the air starting from Kandalama, Dambulla in the Cultural Triangle.

Flying over the jungle you may see elephants roaming freely, a variety of birds, wildlife, water buffaloes standing in the paddy fields, and monkeys swinging from the trees.



Hot Air Ballooning Season in Sri Lanka

Hot Air Ballooning trips are operated during the period of November to May. Most often the winds are light and the sky is at its bluest. The months of March and April offer the best weather.

At other times of the year, Hot Air Ballooning is possible. However strong winds blowing from the east take you downwind of the mountains on the western side of the island.


The Tourism Promotion Bureau of Sri Lanka in association with the Ceylon Airship and Balloon Club organizes the Sri Lanka Balloon Festival on a yearly basis. The participants that arrive from Asia and Europe annually are treated to an exclusive week-long tour of the island. The 2011 Sri Lanka Balloon Festival was held in March.

The height at which we fly will vary from tree top level – where we enjoy contour flying at low level to several thousand feet up, the perfect vantage point to observe the majesty of the Dambulla – Kandalama area.