Fortune-telling continues to ensure a decent livelihood for the women folk belonging to many district.

The women play the instrument as they go about the process of prediction, trying to reel out some facts from the clients’ past and make an attempt to make some future projections.

The details of how they are actually able to make the predictions, however, appear to be a closely guarded secret.

A fortune-teller, whom this correspondent met, did not wish to disclose any particulars about the profession or her personal life.

However, some people who entertain the fortune-tellers told The Hindu that they did not consider ‘fortune-telling’ as a serious affair as it would not have any direct impact on their life and family.



Age-old profession

Fortune-telling has been in existence for generations in rural A.P. and the fortune-tellers go from door to door offering their service. “The fortune-tellers prefer to confine themselves to a selected area, and try to make a living out of their profession,” say some clients.

Each fortune-telling session lasts about half an hour.

Among predictions related to business, education, and other future events, these women are particularly sought after by many families that want to hear from them about the aspects related to the wedding plans of the girls in the family.

At least a few dozen women fortune-tellers are surviving in the profession.