“Step into the World of Traditional Drum Makers of the Island in a remote town in Kandy”

The Kandy has been structured to give a unique experience in a typical Sri Lankan village, where drum making has been the traditional vocation of its residents for many decades.

Join Mahaweli Reach as we take you to see the creators of the “nation’s heartbeat”. On the outskirts of Kandy, are almost hidden villages that are home to drum makers who will introduce you to the industry which pulsates a nation.

Music has a deep-rooted connection with Sri Lankan history and by visiting the homes and workshops of these drum makers you will get to learn and witness the entire process that includes carving, shaping, and leather strapping. Once done, you get the chance to test the drum yourself!

  • Step into the village which prides itself as the universe of traditional drum making in Sri Lanka; a beautiful indigenous craft unparalleled.
  • Be part of a unique experience,  from the first steps of making a drum to the finishing state of various traditional drums of Sri Lanka.
  • 85 families in the village are engaged and devoted to this tradition of drum making.