Virgin Cinnamon International is one of the most reputed and leading Cinnamon growers and exporters in Sri Lanka. Having been involved in the Ceylon Cinnamon trade for more than a decade they come with valuable hands-on experience and knowledge that is certainly important when dealing in products such as these. Furthermore, Virgin Cinnamon International has the added advantage of having its own Cinnamon plantations situated in the down south of the country, known by far as the best Cinnamon growing region in the country.



Ceylon Cinnamon is one of Sri Lanka’s primary exports. Cinnamon originated in the central hills area in Sri Lanka. the areas are Kandy, Matale, Belihull Oya, Haputale, Horton planes, and the Sinharaja forest range.

At present Cinnamon, cultivation has concentrated along the coastal belt from Negambo to Matara and Kalutara, Ratnapura area.






Opportunities in Cinnamon Industry

In fact, the industry provides livelihood to approximately 350,000 families in the districts of Galle, Matara, Hambantota, Ratnapura, Uva and Kalutara. What makes cinnamon production unique, is its peeling technique, which is traditionally carried forward by generations.



The structure of Sri Lanka’s cinnamon sector is highly complex covering a long supply chain that includes small holders, large producers, plantations, small collectors, large collectors, traders and dealers at village level pack houses, traders/shippers and dealers at the town level, commission agents and exporters.

The importer on the other hand sells the cinnamon to grinders or processors who resell it to food manufacturers, food service companies, and manufacturers of lifestyle products. In Sri Lanka, the value added cinnamon product manufacturing is increasing in the vicinity of plantation areas, especially the cinnamon oil extraction facilities. Few companies have embarked on cinnamon based products such as soaps, oils, hand wash, incense sticks, candles, lifestyle items, cinnamon tea, etc. for direct consumer marketing.



Sri Lanka has the monopoly power in the world market for pure cinnamon.