Safari Camp Holiday in Sri Lanka allows you to get up-close & personal with Nature, Observe Wilderness in all its beauty, splendour and complexities. Sri Lanka which was described by Marco Polo as the most beautiful island in the world – is an increasingly popular destination for those seeking a holiday away from the usual tourist circuit.

At Sri Lankan Expeditions we believe that the best way to experience nature is right in the heart of it, in a Safari Camp! The concept of fully movable Safari camping means that we can offer exactly that, taking our guests to locations of Sri Lanka that are simply inaccessible to the usual hotel crowd.


One of the more obvious advantages of being on a camping safari is being able to immerse yourself in a 24-hour cycle of eating, sleeping, showering, walking around (campsite only!) within the park itself. Campers can be a part of the entire natural and wild experience. Having facilities at camp to fall back on – whether for relaxation, freshening up or having a meal – makes it all more enjoyable so that rather than always administering to that pressing urge to chase after nature you have the time and the scope to let it come to you.

Another important perk, is that when out on safari you can reap the rewards of having highly exclusive access to the parks’ hotspots during the best times of the day. Good areas for gameviewing and scenery are often located well inside the parks and are best seen at dawn and dusk. With the sun low in the sky, cool temperatures bring many more animals out into the open and the softer light makes every piece of scenery that much more colourful.

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