No trip to Sri Lanka is finished without an adventure of shopping. Neighborhood craftsmen are outstanding for their top-notch generation of traditional trinkets and modern style varieties. A visit to Barefoot or Laksala will fulfill your shopping inclinations. The quality, quantity, and choices of delightful things to take home with you are amazing. Continue perusing to find the 10 conventional keepsakes to purchase in Sri Lanka as blessings or individual tokens.


Raksha Masks (Wes Munu)

Every antique or souvenir shop owner has Raksha Masks with them. From tiny refrigerator magnets and keychains to immense wall decorations, there is a Raksha Mask for everybody.

Raksha Masks are a piece of traditional Sri Lankan dance, but not all are used all the time. They are generally used as enriching pieces and portray the antiquated Raksha individuals. They were the court of King Ravana from the Ramayana legend. There are several types of Rakshas, for the most part, nagas and garudas. Raksha masks are available all over the place.


Saree and Sarongs

Sri Lanka’s traditional outfit for women is called a Saree or Osari and for men it is called the Sarong. Handmade saree’s and Oasari’s are available all around Sri Lanka. If you step out on a weekday between the office rush you can see a lot of ladies wearing Sarees or Osaris for their work. As for men, the Sarong is more popular with relaxed attire. If you visit any local shop you can find a Saree or a sarong for different prices, depending on the quality of the material. If the sellers and not bust they will help you to try out a Saree!




Ceylon tea is the original tea of Sri Lanka and no one will let you forget it! The amount of tea plantations in the hill country is admirable and the shops where you can buy all sorts of teas are each better than the next.

The traditional tea of Sri Lanka is black tea, which comes in all sorts, depending on the altitude it is grown in. Apart from black tea, other classics are also available like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and some specialized teas like chocolate mint or peach and mint.



Spices, a daily staple, can be found in all the food in Sri Lanka. Even tea and sweets are spiced. A good Sri Lankan rice and curry will have more than five or eight spices in all. The best place to buy spices is at the local markets, like Pettah or Kandy. If you’re in Galle Fort, then a visit to Aflal’s Spice Shop is a must. Don’t forget to grab some Ceylon cinnamon – it’s the best in the world.



Jewelry and Gems.

Sri Lanka is famous for its Blue sapphires and moonstones. The mines in Ratnapura have a constant supply of precious gems and the gemologists on the island know where to import the best gems from as well.

You can see amazing pieces of jewelry made using these locally found gemstones. They are quite expensive, but there is massive effort and craftsmanship behind every piece, so it is definitely worth the price.


Moonstone carvings.

All Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka are graced by a half moon stepping stones at the entrance. These carved stones are called moonstones and have been used as religious imagery for centuries. These ancient carvings are now used in parks and modern temples due to their figurative and historic quality.

Small moonstone carvings are made as souvenirs for tourists and small home shrines. They can be found carved in limestone or wood, in small to larger sizes. They make great conversation starters due to their history.


Buddha Statues.

All around Sri Lanka are classic souvenir shops where visitors can get lots of beautiful figurines of Buddhas. These shops have handmade figurines and statues of better quality and price, along with some other gorgeous handmade goods. Most souvenir shops sell wooden Buddha figurines made from all sorts of materials.



Ayurvedic beauty products.

The natural medicine of Ayurveda is alive and well in Sri Lanka. Apart from being able to get exceptional Ayurvedic treatments on the island, visitors can also shop for Ayurvedic beauty products like massage oils, body washes, shampoos, and hair and scalp treatments.

Local favorites include Spa Ceylon for a modern feel and Siddhalepa for its classic style. These products are made without using chemicals, making allergic reactions rare.

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