Overlooking the Whisky Point surfing spot in ArugambayPaper Moon Kudils of  Whisky Point Resorts is a beachside getaway made up of a cluster of rustic ‘kudils’ that offer a charmed way of life. Whisky Point is a popular spot for riding rollicking waves. Combined with the laidback beach expanse the ‘Kudils’ offer a potent setting for letting loose and embracing a simple beach lifestyle.


Things are run unconventionally at Paper Moon Kudils, which is a part of the locality. Expect some warm hospitality and your input and encouragement are highly valued at any time. While you ease into your home away from home, there are a few DIYs to keep in mind during your stay to encourage energy efficiency and environmentally friendly ways of holidaying to your heart’s content. Read on and find out more.


There’s always a friendly face when you need one around here, and five canines who are very much a part of the family.

Arugambay Roccos and ArugamBay PodBay, our sister properties, are located along Main Street, Arugambay.

Website: https://papermoonkudils.lk/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +9471 810 9999

Please inform contacts that you are coming through Kiptra to avail of special complimentary rates.