The landscapes that Sri Lanka offers are unparalleled in diversity, this horseback riding in several environments: beach and seaside, jungle and lake, tea plantations.

Horseback riding through the surf of a tropical beach as the setting sun kisses the Indian Ocean is an experience you will never forget. And if that isn’t enough, it gets better.

The Jungle Beach stable offers a selection of mounts suitable for riders of all ages and levels of ability. For guests with no previous experience, the learn to ride course offers a six-lesson course in the basics of horsemanship.

For those familiar with horses, a number of excursions and other activities are on offer. All equestrian activities are conducted or accompanied by trained staff members who are experienced horsemen.




Horseback Riding on the Beautiful Eastern Shores of Sri Lanka



For the true enthusiast, there’s no better way to experience the beauties of nature than on horseback. Guests at Jungle Beach, Trincomalee – where tropical beach, rainforest, lagoon and wetland come together in a complex interlocking of ecosystems – can now enjoy this exhilarating option thanks to our stable and riding-school.

Feel relaxed, at-one and at peace with the retreat’s natural surroundings, horse riding through over four kilometres of beautiful coastline. Novice and accomplished equestrians can sense the spirit of Sri Lanka’s East Coast on horseback by riding in the soft light of early morning toward the exquisite glow of the rising sun.