FIRST TIME IN SRI LANKA – Best things to do in Colombo by “DeathByVlog”

It is our first time in Sri Lanka and what a beautiful country it is! We found the best things to do in Colombo city and will take you guys to see local Sri Lankan culture, street markets, and temples. Come along to see some of the most famous places in Sri Lanka!

We started off our Sri Lanka trip by taking a self guided Colombo city tour. Because it is our first time in Sri Lanka, we wanted to dive right into the local culture, so we headed to the Pettah district. The Pettah Market in Sri Lanka is a famous local street market in one of the oldest districts in all of Colombo city. When we arrived, the market was filled with people, vendors, street food, and signage all over. Talk about sensory overload! If you are looking to experience the real Sri Lankan culture, don’t miss visiting Pettah during your Colombo travel day.

Next up, we remained in the Pettah district and visited Jami Ul Alfar Mosque, otherwise known as the Red Mosque of Sri Lanka. This place was absolutely stunning and is one of the oldest mosques built in Colombo Sri Lanka dating back to 1905. The candy stripe appeal is what brought us there, but the architecture and history is fantastic as well. Although tourists aren’t able to visit much of the mosque, we were happy to visit and take a look around.

Heading outside of Pettah, we rode our first Sri Lankan tuk tuk to Colombo 02. Although Colombo is one of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka, the ride only took us about 15 minutes from Pettah to Colombo 02. When you come to Colombo Sri Lanka, don’t miss the fantastic buddhist temples which are so different from any we’ve seen across Southeast Asia. We visited both Gangaramaya Temple and and Seema Malakaya. They were beautiful.


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