The Sabaragamuwa Tradition Of Dance

The dances are usually performed in Ratnapura, relating to worshipping God Saman, who is much revered by local people. There are 32 main dances in Sabaragamuwa Style. The Sabaragamuwa dance style by its geographical location has taken from both Low-Country and Kandyan dance styles. Sabaragamu is based on the ritual of the lights (Pung Madu). […]

Sri Lankan Gypsy people

It is believed that they can’t stay in one place for more than seven days that’s why they are known as the “Ahikuntikas” in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Gypsy people are an ethnic group from Sri Lanka who trace their origins in India (Telugu areas of present Telugu land) centuries ago. They are the only […]

The Veddas of Sri Lanka

  The Veddas are Sri Lanka’s indigenous people. or as they call themselves, the Wanniya-laeto or the Forest Dwellers. Once a proud and independent people, they are now often reduced to tourist attractions. In the face of encroaching influences from the outside world, they are struggling to preserve their traditions and culture. ________________________________________________________ History Veddas […]

Kaffirs of Sri Lanka

African Sri Lankans, mainly the Sri Lanka Kaffirs, are a very small Ethnic group in Sri Lanka who are descendants of African mercenaries, musicians, and labourers taken to what is now Sri Lanka by Portuguese colonists during the period of Portuguese colonial rule on the island. There are currently around 1000 African Sri Lankans. Religion: […]