Ambalangoda Beach Pool

Ambalangoda Beach Pool The Beach pool at Ambalangoda is a natural pool situated on the beach. It is a popular attraction amongst kids and families. Address – Natural Swimming Pool Ambalangoda, 63J2+XWC, former Resthouse, Ambalangoda.

Freedom Surf Villa and School

Freedom Surf Villa and School Freedom Surf School was established in 2012 by Ruwan Sanjeewa. Before this, Weligama Bay was an over grown jungle. A few locals began experimenting with planks of wood in the ocean. They realised that it was possible to surf and somehow got hold of a surf board, from then on […]


Narangala Narangala is a popular hill in Sri Lanka’s Uva province, known for its historical significance. It stands at a height of 1527 meters and is covered in low-lying plants and grass. To reach Narangala by public transport, visitors can take the Kinakele bus from Badulla Central Bus Stop and get off at the final […]

Hanthana Bird Park

Hanthana Bird Park The Bird Park in Hanthana is a new addition for bird and nature lovers who are visiting Kandy. The country’s first migratory bird park and eco-tourism zone was established in Hanthane. Located adjacent to the Hanthane Tea Museum premises, this 27-acre exotic bird park and eco-tourism zone is home to over a […]

Holidays of Sri Lanka

Holidays of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage and diverse population. The island nation has a number of holidays throughout the year, which are celebrated by people of different religions and ethnicities. These holidays are a reflection of Sri Lanka’s unique culture and history, and they offer visitors […]

Who built the Rama Setu or the Adams Bridge?

Who built the Rama Setu or the Adams Bridge? The Rama Setu or Adams Bridge is one of the most intriguing mysteries which many people from across the world have tried to understand and solve.   This structure dates back thousands of years often making people wonder who or what could have made this marvelous […]

Branded stores in Sri Lanka

Branded stores in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a developing country with a growing economy, and it is quickly becoming a hub for various international brands. In recent years, many global retailers have opened stores in Sri Lanka, offering a wide range of products from luxury goods to everyday essentials. In this article, we will […]

Sports in Sri Lanka

Sports in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is a vibrant country with a rich culture, and sports play a significant role in its society. From cricket to rugby, Sri Lanka boasts a variety of sports that have captivated the hearts of many. Here is an overview of the different sports played in Sri Lanka: ________________________________________________________ Cricket: […]

Food Trucks in Sri Lanka

Food Trucks in Sri Lanka Food trucks are a popular trend in Sri Lanka, offering a variety of delicious and convenient street food options. From Sri Lankan classics to international cuisine, there’s a food truck for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore the top 15 most popular food trucks in Sri Lanka, along with their […]

Vintage Bookshops

Vintage Bookshops Sri Lanka has a rich literary history, which has resulted in the establishment of numerous vintage bookshops. The vintage bookshops in Sri Lanka are a haven for book lovers, scholars, and collectors who are looking for rare books, manuscripts, and other literary treasures. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular […]