Amour at Turtle Beach

Wellawathugoda, Rekawa west, Netolpitiya, Tangalle, Hambantota, Sri Lanka

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The property is located in front of the Rakawa Lagoon. The beach is about 20 meters away from the property and backside of it. The Turtle watch is just a 1-minute walk from the Villa. Rekawa Beach is world famous for Turtle nesting. Five species of turtles struggle ashore to lay their eggs on Rekawa Beach. The lagoon possesses rich biodiversity with a variety of flora and fauna. The calm, clean and serene beach will force you to stay days and days. Natural swimming pool attracts most of the visitors here because even small kids can enjoy a safe bath. Canoeing under the thick mangrove forest would be a great experience for anyone who comes here. We truly understand that well-rested mind and body is your main concern. So, our exquisite rooms have been designed with a blend of charm and sophistication to comfort you and make you blissful. Moreover, we have limited our property to two rooms that can occupy for two couples or two families to create lifestyle experiences with a touch of warmth. Nested between beautiful beach that is covered with woods and eco-friendly lagoon and we believe you would love at first sight.

We are so pleased to have you in AMOUR where you can experience the ultimate of comfort and tranquility combined with our own unique blend of Sri Lankan Hospitality. Please feel free to ask for anything that might make your stay more comfortable! please relax and enjoy being our guest. This property was a dream holiday home of me and my wife. With the years of hard work. We stay close to the Villa and it is just 3-minute walking distance. Our talented team harness a united vision and passion and their continuing dedication bring the true beauty of this piece of paradise to our guests each and every day. To completely delight our guests we are committed to continual improvement to making a difference every day to being the best. I hope you enjoy your experience.

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